Voloper Consulting Services

Put our team on your team!

Voloper's Consulting Services team bring expertise in technology; corporate strategy; marketing; general management; business analysis; project and program management; business case development and evaluation; CRM; and more.

But however expert, their first job is to listen. To you. To understand your business goals and challenges, and to propose solutions that are real-world relevant. Solutions you can start implementing to make a difference today.

When you put our team on your team, you have the support you need to plan and execute digital strategies and investments that deliver.

Start right

The best time to get us involved is at the beginning. (We've done more than our share of project recovery and turn-arounds, but we'd rather help you avoid ever reaching that situation!) Careful analysis, design and planning up-front is the surest route to success.

Retain control

But how do you involve consultants in defining your project and retain control?  Simply, Voloper's Project Engagement Model, which we use to structure all our consulting engagements, is designed to give you control:

Over more than 8 years working this way, we've found this "Flexible Engagement" approach the best way to assure clients they will retain control of their projects and avoid "lock-in".

Which is great for our clients.

Strangely - and happily - we've also found that by going out of our way to avoid locking clients in to working with us, our recommendations are more trusted and clients feel comfortable staying with us throughout the whole of most projects.

Which is great for us too. But then we've always believed in "win-win"!