The Social Media Toolkit allows you to set up URLs, User IDs, and layout styles for social media widgets and badges via one centralized admin page.

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   Opportunity Details page

Social Media Marketing

Social Media offers Internet users a stunning range of free and low-cost services that allow you to connect and interact with communities (both real and virtual). Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Blogspot/Wordpress, Flickr, and iTunes are some of the top Social Media sites luring users today.

Social Media offers you new ways to more directly target and communicate with the users you want visiting your site. Web 2.0's support of rich media formats gives you the ability to lend immediacy to your message. Unfortunately, it also offers a dizzying and rapidly changing array of formats, methods, jargon, and netiquette. It can not only be hard to immerse yourself effectively in the world of Social Media but it can be hard to keep up with the rapid change.

Lost in the Social Media World?

If you don't know your Twitter from your Flickr, your Youtube from your iTunes, Voloper can help. Voloper's Social Media experts can:

  • Supply the tools, knowledge, and hands-on consulting skills to give your company and your site a presence in the realm of social media.
  • Create a web site that incorporates social media content.
  • Unlock your existing content and repackage it in ways that will work seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more.

Social Media ToolKit

Voloper's Social Media ToolKit is your one-stop solution for adding third-party social media content to your site. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and social bookmarking can be quickly configured, deployed, and managed using one centralized module.

In mere minutes your pages can be enhanced with rich, enticing social media content without having to visit half a dozen third-party websites to generate obscure JavaScript.

Modules with Social Media Push

Voloper offers a number of web modules with our Social Media Push feature. Social Media Push allows you to push established content into your social media streams. Stop wasting time cutting, reformatting, and pasting your hosted content into Twitter and Facebook. Write it once and then let Social Media Push automatically inject it into your social media venues.