CRM Consulting Spotlight

Redback Creations

Location: Northern Ireland, U.K.
Category: Web Development and Consulting

Redback Creations ( is a web design and consulting firm in Northern Ireland offering a broad range of web- and Internet-related services. Although the company has less than a dozen people, you would not guess it from the large number of clients they handle in Northern Ireland and beyond. They've been able to keep head count low and a large portfolio of clients happy by managing staff, customers, and projects using the BlueCamroo SaaS-based CRM and Project Management Application and Voloper know-how.

What CRM has done for Redback

What it can do for you

Improved their ability to capture and qualify leads

Every user visiting a site is a potential lead. Voloper can help entice users into leaving important contact information and then have it automatically organized for you.

Exploited sales opportunities

Are you missing out on chances to up sell? Don't let new up-sell opportunities slip between the cracks. A streamlined CRM process can ensure you're making the right sales call to the right person at the right time.

Automated customer and contact management

Automatically keep clients up-to-date on project milestones.

Improved collaboration

Quit bumping heads with your own staff while trying to service a client's needs. End customers being told one thing by one staff member and told another thing by another staff member.

Generated time metrics

Great CRM metrics can help you figure out where your bottlenecks are and which leads or customers are requiring more time resources.

Automated business processes

Automate a lot of the repetitive paperwork required every time a new customer or new project is added.

Integrated accounting and invoicing

Automatically bill time spent with clients and integrate it with popular accounting packages.

Streamlined support

Stream and track product/service support issues with an automated ticketing system.