E-Learning Spotlight

Northamptonshire County Council

URL: northamptonshire.gov.uk/en/Pages/HomePage.aspx
Location: U.K.
Category: County Council

Like most governments around the world, Northamptonshire County Council was looking to do more with less. As in private business, training is cost heavy and results are not always easy to quantify on a quarterly fiscal basis. It is manifest, however, that continuing skills development is critical.
Northamptonshire County Council realized it needed to improve its procurement cycle. Poorly defined needs for resources meant wasteful purchases, usually in the form of buying too much, not buying the right resource, or buying a resource that did not match new "sustainable development" guidelines. Northamptonshire County Council wanted to reduce wasteful procurement by providing all those involved in the cycle with training in specification writing.

Voloper's Role

Northamptonshire County Council commissioned Integresis, a UK-based Internet Solutions business, to develop a dedicated E-learning site. The E-learning application needed to be SCORM-compliant, work seamlessly into a standard web site, and be easy to maintain and update. Integresis chose Voloper's Online Learning Environment (OLE) and its OpenSites Web Development Platform.
What used to be old style "head down" classroom textbook work has been transformed into an interactive multi-media endeavor, allowing members more flexibility in the pace and place of learning.