VGM 7.0 E-Commerce Solution

What the VGM can do for Your Business

VGM 7.0 combines both power and simplicity. Sell any product, including downloadable products like books on PDF, in any manner you choose. Sell from your inventory or link your sales directly to your suppliers and maintain a virtual, inventory free web store.

VGM 7.0 is tightly integrated with more than a dozen North American and European Third-party Credit Card Processor like Authorize Net, Barclay, Vencash, and Realex. Each payment processor has its own dedicated setup screen, removing the guess work from the configuration process.

Every product has a highly detailed setup page, giving you complete control over the product's pricing, shipping, product images, inventory, color swatches, styles, and a whole lot more. Using VGM 7.0's built-in Web Content Editor tool, you can individualize every product detail page, giving your catalog.



Sell More Products with the VGM E-Commerce Solution

VGM 7.0 takes customer communication off your hands by generating customizable notification emails (registration/ordering/fulfillment) to clients. Create your own email notifications or customize the defaults. As well, VGM 7.0 automatically tracks your inventory and creates sales reports. If a product is out of stock, you can allow back ordering or you can have VGM 7.0 alert a customer a product is out of stock, ensuring you do not lose a return customer forced to wait for a product on back order.

Stop losing sales when customers abandon a needlessly tedious check out process. VGM 7.0's check out process is stream lined, making maximum reuse of securely stored customer data.

VGM 7.0 makes cross promotion and up-selling a snap. Effortlessly add products to a pre-configured "Featured Product" section. Increase impulse buying by linking viewed products to related products. VGM 7.0 also supports moderated customer product recommendations. Why not let your customers do the up-selling for you? Create gift certificates in any amount and allow customers to purchase and email them to third party recipients.

Drive increased sales with VGM 7.0's powerful promotions engine. Create simple volume or percentage discounts or create complex "buy x get y free" promotions. Apply promotions to single products or whole categories of products. Create discount groups for large volume purchasers.

PCI Compliance

VGM has been developed in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines for "PCI compliance". VGM is PCI compliant for websites that are taking online orders with no payment information or the payment information is entered on a third party website such as PayPal or Worldpay.

What the VGM has to Offer

  • Secure shopping cart
  • Secure customer data retention
  • Manage customers and customer orders
  • Integrated with a number of popular third party credit card processors (AuthorizeNet, Vencash, Moneris, PayPal) and shipping services (UPS/FedEx)
  • Simple and complex promotions configuration (buy x get y free)
  • Set up wholesaler and preferred customer discounts
  • Drop shipping: link orders directly to suppliers
  • Automated inventory tracking
  • Configure taxes and shipping costs for countries, regions, zones, and ZIP/Postal codes
  • Set prices in more than a dozen major world currencies
  • Handles both metric and American/Imperial weights and measures
  • Highly granular control over every product
  • Offer products in unlimited number of sizes, styles, units of measure, and color swatches
  • Allow customers to customize products with write-in fields
  • Up-sell by creating related product links
  • Gift certificates
  • Allow moderated customer product recommendations
  • All web store and product pages are optimized for search engines
  • Set up an unlimited number of product categories
  • Generate customizable notification (registration/ordering/fulfillment) emails to clients
  • Create your own order status codes and corresponding email notifications
  • Import from/export to Excel and Access
  • Generate sales reports and product/category metrics
  • Multi-lingual support
  • SEO support

Does the VGM Meet Your E-Commerce Needs?

If you think that the VGM is a good fit to solve the problems your business has with your current e-commerce solution, or if you are thinking of taking a business online to sell goods, contact us today to see how you can start selling products online.