Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Voloper

Search Engine Optimization involves both internal and external techniques with the end goal of increasing relevant traffic. Voloper can help you optimize your internal site, your external promotions, and give you the tools to maximize both efforts.

The Power of Search

With the number of websites published every day growing exponentially, it is important that your website be found amongst all of the clutter.

The Search Engine Optimization experts at Voloper Creations can help your business's website move up in the Search Engine rankings and increase the chances that you'll be found by your customers who are searching for particular products or services that you provide. How do we do this? At its most basic form, SEO can be broken down into two components.

Internal Optimization

Voloper can:

  • Improve layout, making a site easier for humans and search engine robots to navigate.
  • Ensure your site complies with W3C's Level 1 and 2 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Make more effective use of description and keyword metatags.
  • Improve search engine relevance by improving site titles and URLs.
  • Improve use and placement of key terms to aid in search engine relevance.
  • Help you avoid search engine spamming techniques
  • Install easy-to-manage modules that allow you to publish supporting materials that automatically conform to best SEO practices.

External Optimization

Voloper can:

  • Provide you with modules that not only increase site stickiness but lets site visitors provide indexed content to draw in new visitors.
  • Provide you with our Internet Marketing Toolkit, a suite of analytical tools that give you key metrics, data mining capabilities, and email campaign management.
  • Widgets that allow your site to interface with popular social media sites like Facebook and Youtube.