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What is the OpenSites Web Development Platform?

Our robust Web Application Framework will have you building dynamic websites faster than you ever thought was possible.

Our OpenSites Web Application Framework is an integrated Web development environment that allows users to create quality websites at an affordable price. What makes our website generator really unique is its sophisticated engine supported by a friendly and intuitive, browser independent, Graphical User Interface. There are many advantages for choosing OpenSites as a Web development environment as it offers many premium features found only in sophisticated custom Web solutions, yet delivered at a fraction of the cost.



OpenSites Web Development Platform Advantages…

Users can experiment with different designs and functionality before launch. The OpenSites Web Development Platform can be utilized as a pure Marketing Tool or simply as a ‘proving ground’ for users.

The launch process is completely streamlined and handled directly throughout. Launch your website and have it placed online almost immediately. Launching third-party? No problem. With this integrated launch process, invoices can be settled immediately and our system will automatically generate and package your site files. You will then receive confirmation via email with a download link to retrieve the files and database.

The system is completely re-architected and a revised User Interface makes it much more intuitive and user friendly. We have introduced many customer driven enhancements making it more flexible and powerful.

Drag, Drop, and Do More!

Using the Web Application Framework’s Work Area, we have added the functionality to allow you to drag and drop many elements; new pages, products, forms, your site map and templates to any page in the Graphical Work Area. If that was not enough, you can also drag and drop the pages in your project to move pages and branches or change parent levels without the need for changing screens.

Search Engine Optimization and Headers

Search Engine Optimization and Scripts can be "fine tuned" at any time using the Header section of the system generated websites Admin Panel or simply by editing the page content source through our Content Management System (CMS).

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