Consulting, Project Management, and Internet-Enabled Business.

Providing specialized business consulting services and
the development of quality Internet-enabled software solutions.

Discover how Voloper Creations can help your business:

Consulting &
Project Management

Computing power has never been cheaper - the challenge of applying it smartly never greater.

At Voloper, our focus on consulting and project management excellence means we're here to deliver results, not just technology.

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Crowd-sourcing. Websites. Social Media. E-Commerce. E-Procurement. Collaboration. Virtual Presence. Social CRM. Mobile.

Whatever your needs, Voloper can help with tools, technologies and business models that drive Internet-Enabled Business.

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Your customers are Tweeting. They're on Facebook. They're checking in with Foursquare.

Voloper can help you connect through social technologies to identify, listen and respond to your market

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... delivering internet-enabled business solutions.

The Internet Age is an age of opporunity. Never before has it been so easy for small business to access the tools to compete with corporations, to bring together talent to deliver value and to project themselves into global markets. Never before has it been so easy for large corporations to turn on a dime, reinvent themselves and to regain the enterpreneurial zest of the start-up.

Voloper Creations exists to help you
seize these opportunities.

At Voloper we do technology, software development and systems integration. But we also create new business ideas, develop technology platforms and devise and execute strategies to exploit internet-age business models.

Right back in 2002 - when most software companies were still getting used to delivering their software on CD rather than floppy disk - our OpenSites Web Development Platform was already running "in the cloud", available to developers and designers as "software as a service". And we're still hungry for the leading-edge, developing our own advanced new products and tools and working with clients and partners to understand and exploit the new world of opportunity (and challenge!) in which we're all living.

Voloper & BlueCamroo

Need CRM, Social CRM, Project Management, Support Ticketing, and more as all-in-one solution?

Voloper is an authorized configuration partner for the BlueCamroo Business Productivity Suite.

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